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Small blower for sewage treatment

Small blower for sewage treatment

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Product Details
  • Place of Origin:  China
  • Brand Name:  Qizheng Machinery
  • Model Number:  Vertical 25S

I. Uses of HCC-25S vertical rotary blowers (sliding-vane fan, rotary fan):

This product is commonly used in: 1. small water treatment blast aeration; 2. sewage stir aeration in hospital and laboratory; 3. Vacuum paper feeding in printing industry; 4. stir aeration of plating tank and industrial waste water; 5. Air source supply; 6. Glass industry.

II. Features of HCC-25S vertical rotary blowers (sliding-vane fan, rotary fan):

1. small volume, large air volume, low noise, energy conservation (vertical rotary blowers adopt the principle of operation of compressed air, although the small size, but the air volume, energy saving, quiet operation are superior to other forms of fan.)

2. smooth operation, easy installation (Minicomputer species is running properly as long as the vibration is very properly placed, do not need to install anti-vibration device, easy to install.)

3. anti-load change, stable air volume (eg: wastewater treatment aeration tank pressure changes, the load changes, but the air volume changes little with pressure.)

4. with air chamber, stable gas dispersion (all models with air chamber to prevent air pulse, and stable gas dispersion.)

5. excellent materials, ingenious structure, excellent performance (blowers adopt high quality materials, thus they have compact structure, excellent performance, etc.)

6. convenient maintenance, less few failures, long service life (low speed, low wear, long service life.)

7. We have various kinds of vertical rotary blowers, special products can be customized upon customer's request.

III. Air volume of HCC-25S vertical rotary blowers (sliding-vane fan, rotary fan): 0.28-0.23m3/min

IV. Pressure of HCC-25S vertical rotary blowers (sliding-vane fan, rotary fan): 0.1Kgf/cm2-0.5kgf/cm2

Pressure unit conversion: 9.8kPa=0.1kgf/cm2=1000mmH2O=73.5mmHg=98mbar=0.0967atm


V. HCC-25S vertical rotary blower (sliding-vane fan, rotary fan) noise test conditions and methods (noise ≤50db):

(I). Installation parts

1. Fan should have foundation or be installed with absorber

2. Air outlet is required to connect to the pipeline equipment

3. Keep fan pressure within the recommended limits (pressure gauge indicates 0-0.05MPa)

(II). Test method

1. Exterior fan room detection: 2-6 meters from the fan room, noise test values will reduce to standard values. Besides, the size of fan room and the surrounding environment will affect the test values.

2. Open space detection: no buildings or other obstacles within 20m, the blower should be installed with absorber.

3. Sensory detection: without unusual noises, without abnormal vibration.

  • Place of Origin:  China
  • Brand Name:  Qizheng Machinery
  • Model Number:  Vertical 25S
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